Best Buddies Dog Training is now offering several options tailored to your training needs!



Private Training Session in-studio: $85/session

Private Training Session in-studio: Two Dogs $160 ($10 discount)

Private Training Session in-home: $110/session(plus $25 Travel fee added)

Package: 3 private in-studio (only) sessions purchased and paid for as a package: $225 ($30 discount)

Five Week Group workshop: TOTAL COST: $165 



1 private in-studio session + group workshop ($25 discount on group) TOTAL COST: $85+$165-$25=$140 for five weeks of 90 minute group workshop sessions

1 private in-home session + group workshop ($25 discount on group) TOTAL COST: $135+$165-$25=$275 for five weeks of 90 minutes group workshop sessions


HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE BUDDY PROGRAM? Does your dog have a buddy?? Refer a friend/neighbor/relative/coworker to BBDT and when they sign up for a group workshop you score a $25 discount! 










  • 90 minutes of fun, bonding and instruction

  • Small interactive, low-stress classes at the same time each week

  • Think 90 minutes is too long for a dog to focus? NOT in my classes!

  • We keep it FUN and we keep the pace moving.

  • A bored dog is a destructive dog so we don't let that happen!


Feel your dog would benefit most from private training sessions? Contact Best Buddies Dog Training. 

Private in-studio, or in-home sessions can be set up at a mutually convenient time and your whole family is welcome to attend! 


For additional training information please contact me via email or click the 'contact' button. If you have a puppy, I highly recommend the group workshop because puppies need to develop and work on social skills. Learning to meet and greet dogs and people properly, in a relaxed, controlled environment is the best way to introduce puppy to people and other dogs. SOCIALIZATION IS KEY TO A BALANCED DOGGO!

Interested in pet therapy training? Would you like to share the unconditional love of your dog with seniors, special needs classes, hospital staff and patients? I would love to work with you and your pup to successfully guide you through the process. Pet therapy visits are extremely rewarding and a great way for you and your dog to spend some quality time together while spreading some love and joy to brighten someone's day. 

Are you or your dog diferently abled? BBDT has worked with a variety of dogs, some with sight or hearing difficulties. We have also successfully trained using the services of an interpreter for those that are hearing impaired and would like their dog to benefit from attending a group workshop and making new friends!

Is your dog destined to be an ESD (Emotional Support Dog)? BBDT can assist with training your canine for this service. To qualify your dog as an ESD, your dog needs to graduate from a group training class with a solid performance of the core commands and you will need to obtain a letter from your doctor. 

PLEASE NOTE THE BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME:  Due to the crazy schedule I keep with classes, private training sessions and pet therapy, the quickest and best way to contact BBDT is through this website (click on the "Contact" tab), or email If you leave a voicemail message I will respond as quickly as I can since I am not usually able to take phone calls.


You can also reach BBDT through our FaceBook page Best Buddies Dog Training LLC. 

Thank you for contacting us for your training needs! 

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