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This workshop is open to obedience class graduates that have a SOLID foundation of all the core commands and their owners wish to expand their training and strengthen the bond.

This four week workshop offers:

  • Learning/understanding Body Language and the ability to 'read your dog' and WHY this is so important

  • QUICK Review of the core basic obedience cues

    • Verbal and Hand Signals​

  • Setting boundaries with your dog

  • Place 

  • Polite people & dog greetings

  • Loose leash walking 

  • Heel

  • Wait vs stay

  • Building a strong 'stay'

  • Drop It

  • Building your dog's confidence (in you and himself!)

  • Politely greeting company at your door

  • Table Manners 

  • Tricks 

  • This workshop incorporates a 'field trip'

  • Addressing issues you are experiencing with your dog that prevent him from having excellent manners

The cost of this workshop is $125 for four weeks of classes but there is a prerequisite: Dogs in this class MUST graduate at least a group basic obedience class and have a SOLID performance of the core commands. 

            Contact BBDT for more information

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