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Basic Obedience Training & Socialization for Adolescent Dogs 

This workshop is designed to help dogs (that are 6 months and older) who have never developed good manners, have forgotten their manners or need to fine tune what they learned in Basic Obedience Puppy Training. This is also a great workshop for newly adopted dogs of all ages to teach them a firm training foundation and manners and help them get acclimated to family life. 


This workshop can be taught as a continuation of the BBDT Basic Obedience Puppy training or can be taught to adolescent and older dogs that need to start with the basics.

How many attend this workshop?

Normal class size ranges from 2-10 canine students and their human companions but due to Covid-19 class size has been reduced to allow for social distancing. 

What is the cost for the workshop?

The cost for four weeks of 90 minutes of fun, bonding and obedience is only $165 (total). This includes training, diplomas and pictures upon graduation and professional training advice for the life of your dog. 

​How many weeks and what is taught in the workshop?

This workshop runs for four weeks of 90 minutes classes at the same time every Sunday.

  • Car Safety

  • Core Commands: Come, Sit, Stay, Down, Leave It

  • Body Language-how to read and react to your dog’s body language and how yours affects your dog

  • Importance of exercising your dog's body & mind 

  • Properly socializing your dog with dogs and people

  • Dealing with: 

    • Adolescent 'attitude'

    • Jumping

    • Barking

    • Biting

    • Muleing & Pulling during walks

    • Counter surfing

  • Door Greeting

  • Drop It 

  • Go Around 

  • Finding & Using the "Off Switch"

  • Place 

  • Wait

  • What causes your ANGEL to be destructive and how to address destructive or unwanted behaviors

What if my dog has aggression issues?

If you feel your dog may not be suited to attending a group class with fellow canines, email BBDT for more information on private sessions as group lessons would not be the best environment for your dog.

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