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Pet Therapy Training

Do you think your dog has the “right stuff” to be a therapy dog?

What makes a good dog a great therapy dog?

The answer is in your dog’s temperament!

Does your dog love people?

Enjoy meeting new people and may prefer people companionship to canine companionship?

​If you answered yes to these questions you may have a rising star!

What is a pet therapy visit?

There are two types of therapy dog visits:

  • Pet assisted therapy visits involve your dog actively participating in a resident or patient’s rehab program. This type of therapy work is monitored by a health care professional.

  • Pet therapy visits are visits that are coordinated with an employee of the facility you are visiting. Dogs are asked to visit facilities to share unconditional love.


How long are training sessions? What is covered?

BBDT therapy dog training is done on a case by case need, you are not required to sign up and invest in a complete workshop. Unlike other trainers who require you to complete a pet therapy workshop, BBDT only trains and charges you for what your dog NEEDS. 

In addition, the procedures for becoming a qualified, certified visiting team are discussed in-depth. This class involves field trips and in-studio mock pet therapy evaluations to prepare you and your dog for your certification test. Basic obedience commands are briefly reviewed. 

If you are excited about becoming a certified pet therapy team with your dog, you should learn from the best. My experience as member-team leader-board member of Happy Tails Pet Therapy organization over the last 15 years and a professional dog trainer certainly make me qualified!

​What is the cost?

You will be charged a minimal fee for each session, NOT an entire workshop. So whether your dog needs one field trip or two, one mock test or two you will only be charged for what you need. 

Dogs enrolled in pet therapy training MUST be a graduate of a group basic obedience and socialization training workshop. 


PLEASE NOTE: To become a certified pet therapy team, your dog must graduate a group basic obedience class.  If you haven't taken a group basic obedience class, please check our schedule!  



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