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How will training help you with your dog?

  1. Builds a strong(er) bond

  2. Teaches your dog proper boundaries

  3. Gives your dog focus, helps with destructive behaviors

  4. Teaches you how to read your dog's body language and communicate better (thereby building a better relationship)

  5. Shows your dog that good manners and proper behavior gets rewarded!

Are these bad manners making you crazy?

  • Does your dog become a demon whenever the 

​         doorbell rings?

  • Are your friends and family sick of being

         mauled every time they come through the door?

  • When you take a walk does your dog instantly pull,

         mule or become Cujo on the leash?

  • Are you a chew toy for your puppy?

  • Is housebreaking your puppy, breaking you?

  • Does the non-stop barking drive you and your 

        neighbors insane?

  • Does your dog ignore you when you call his name

         instruct him to stay?

  • Is your dog 'hating crating'?

  • Do you live with a sneaky thief or 'counter surfer'?

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What sets Best Buddies Dog Training apart from other trainers?

  • A professional trainer that uses ONLY positive, bond-based, low-stress training methods (no shock, prong, pinch collars, choke chains, punishment or yelling!)

  • Small, interactive workshops 

  • Training focused on your needs and making life with your dog more enjoyable

  • Fun, informal classes where your input is valued, and your questions are welcome

  • Workshops that start with fun exercise and use brain games to help your dog build confidence and focus 

  • A trainer who truly cares about you and your dog and the issues your dog is causing for your family 

  • The promise of helpful advice & suggestions for any BBDT client and their dog for the life of the dog

  • A consistent 5-STAR rating & great reviews from BBDT clients

  • Packets provided containing useful information on nutrition, safety, body language, concerns and how to read and understand your dog





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