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The BEST training for you and your BEST buddy! 


Have you ever heard that expression that you can't teach an 'old dog' new things? I'm here to tell you that is NOT true. Dogs of any age from 8-week old puppies to seniors can, will, and want to learn! Why? because they want to please us and they want to strengthen the bond with us. Are the barking, biting, jumping making you crazy? Best Buddies Dog Training can help you turn your pup into an essential family member with good manners. Don't take our word for it, check out the clients comments page by clicking the tab above. 
















What makes BBDT the BEST?

I care. Not only about your dog, but about the impact he's having on your life. Dogs are amazing creatures and with a little patience and understanding, maybe a little refocusing or fine tuning, you will have a stronger bond and a dog with better manners.


If you are looking for rigid training sessions utilizing adverse methods paired with shock or prong collars, this is NOT the training workshop for you. I train by teaching you how to read and understand your dog's body language; and by using positive, low stress techniques. What does this mean? It means you and your dog will enjoy coming to class! It means those bad behaviors will be replaced by good behaviors that will be rewarded. It means I am using the safest, most effective, dog-friendly, scientifically proven method of training available.  How do I know? I research techniques, nutrition and safety ALL the time.

WHY is training a good idea?


Training will make your life so much easier and is fun for you and your dog. Next to basic health care, it’s the most important thing you can do for your pup. Best of all, training the dog you love is one of the best ways to develop a strong bond with your dog; a bond that will last a lifetime.


Positive Training uses; rewards of all kinds, removal of rewards, alternate behaviors, routines, boundaries, structure, management, and dog-friendly leash-walking equipment to train. Positive does not mean permissive. Just as humans work for rewards, so do dogs, dolphins, chimpanzees, and all living things. Positive Reinforcement Training is based on the principle that animals will repeat behaviors that have benefited them in the past. It works best and your dog will love it.


Best Buddies will give you the tools you need to teach your pooch good manners and you'll have fun while you learn together! If you have a dog that barks, insists on jumping on people (or the dinner table), contact Best Buddies for training help. In a few short weeks you'll have the tools you need and your dog will have the manners you want to see. No more badgering neighbors, family and guests!  


Don't let your dog rule your house (family and your guests)... teach your dog that is NOT OK  with a little help from Best Buddies. Before you realize, those cute puppy habits will become the annoying unwanted bad habits of a big, adult dog.



Where does Best Buddies Dog Training hold classes?
At Dog Gone Cute Grooming after hours!

3847 Highway 53 in Hoschton. Contact them today for an appointment to make your prince or princess look their best! or call 706-658-0298.




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